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Meniscus Rehabilitation

Meniscal repairs are generally located in the vascular zones of the periphery or outer third of the meniscus, are progressed more rapidly than those repairs that are more complex and located in the avascular zone of the meniscus. Dependent upon the location of the repair, weight bearing status post-operatively as well as the intensity and time frame of initiation of functional activities will vary.

  • The General Goals of rehabilitation are to:
  • Control pain, swelling, and hemarthrosis
  • Regain normal knee range of motion
  • Regain a normal gait pattern and neuromuscular stability for ambulation
  • Regain normal lower extremity strength
  • Regain normal proprioception, balance, and coordination for daily activities
  • Achieve the level of function based on the patient goals

Physical Therapy should be initiated within 3 to 5 days post-op. It is extremely important for supervised rehabilitation to be supplemented by a HOME EXERCISE PROGRAM.


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