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“The office and staff of PMPT is welcoming and friendly.  Dr. Rey really listens to your concerns and addresses them.  They have a very relaxed atmosphere.  They work well with every age group!  My son and I have been very happy with our treatment and results.”

– W.K


“Dr. Rey and his staff are great. The facility is beautiful and has everything you need to have a speedy recovery. My husband, daughter, and I have all been patients and have all received excellent care from Dr. Rey. I have been to many physical therapy offices and this is the only one I would recommend to my friends and family.”

– Teresa J.


“Outstanding care! I had a crushed ankle, pins, screws and all. Dr. Rey took me from a walking cast and crutches to jogging, biking, skateboarding and more in just a few weeks. It is easy to get an appointment, you only see Dr. Rey and the care is personal. He did a good job of pushing me, but not too far.  The office is new, clean and well set up. The staff is super nice and friendly.  This is THE place for physical therapy! I kind of sound like a commercial, but when you’ve been through this type of injury you get excited about this kind of care and success! “

– Mark P.


“I met Dr. Mojares when he worked for another medical practice in Temecula. I was there for a shoulder injury. He really put me back together and loved his easy-going style as well as very knowledgeable background.   Once he took the giant step forward and opened up his own practice, I was never so happy to see him do so. I have followed him there for another rehab procedure. I have just completed breast cancer treatment and I need the “watchful” eye and very knowledgeable PT Doc to help me regain my strength, healthy heart, flexibility and overall good physical health. He is the Bomb! He pushes me and helps me push myself forward without “feeling sorry for me.” He is very, very empathetic, but he knows I need to move forward and regain my strength and flexibility ~ Thank YOU, Dr. Rey; I thank your wonderful staff and am getting stronger everyday as I move in that forward direction NOT LOOKING BACK!”

– Lynn 


“Dr. Rey Mojares is an amazing Physical Therapist. Dr. Mojares sincerely cares about his patients, but most importantly he listens to his patients. I’ve been to 3 different physical therapist in the area and Dr. Mojares was the first person to figure out the root of my problems, change the pattern of injury and help to give me my life back. I love how he is a hands on physical therapist and he works individually with each of his patients. I was taught strengthening techniques and stretches that I am able to do at home to continue my improvement on my own.   If you want to get your life back and improve the pain/state you’re in, Dr. Mojares and PMPT is the place to do it. He clearly gives a “plan of attack” for each patient and he does NOT a cookie cutter when treating his patients. Everything is based on the individuals needs. If you are willing to do the work you will have AMAZING results at PMPT, just as I did. PMPT is the ONLY physical therapy place I will ever go.”

– A.J.


“I took my son to Dr. Rey at PMPT because he needed therapy to mend a nearly torn rotator cuff from many years of playing baseball. Perpetual Motion Physical Therapy was recommended to us by a former professional athlete who used PMPT for his daughter. I figured if a professional was referring me here, it must be a top of the line facility that could help my son. My insurance did not cover the therapy, but it was an affordable payment for me to make out of pocket. From the moment I walked in the door and saw for myself what a beautiful place PMPT is, and how friendly and welcoming their staff is, I knew we were where we needed to be to get my son the best care. Dr. Rey is very personable and related to my son in a way that made him enjoy going to therapy. I was very impressed with the way that Dr. Rey set aside the time amidst his full schedule to explain my son’s injury as well as the process he was undertaking to heal him, in a way that both my son and I could understand. After ten weeks of being seen, my son is back to pitching and playing baseball at 100 percent of his abilities. I highly recommend PMPT to anyone considering physical therapy. “

– Jerilyn G.